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Help removing a square symbol

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I got this from Charon, and have copied it to my clipboard.

When I start my script it processes it so the output is as follows.








This works good but the trailing </proxy> tag is on a second line for the first three. When I paste the following into notepad it shows up kinda like this <proxy>□</proxy> instead the square symbol is a little more stretched out vertically. I believe this is a LF? right? Sorry I am still learning all this.

What would I have to do so that the first lines appear like the last one?

Here is my code, and thank you any help you can give me.

$proxstring = ClipGet()
    $proxarray = StringSplit($proxstring, @LF)
    For $x = 1 To UBound($proxarray) -1
ConsoleWrite('<proxy>' & $proxarray[$x] & '</proxy>'& @CRLF)

AutoViewer first public AutoIt script

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