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Send Scripts to one window (World of Warcraft)

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I fly alot around trying to search for some rare spawns in World of Warcraft. I made an in-game macro which targets the spawns if they are close. Basically I used to press manually button no.1 where I put the macro while flying around - but that kinda started to hurt my finger pressing just that one button gazillion times.

Hence - I just made the simplest script ever just to spam button "1" every half second while I'm flying around.

My question though is - cause sometimes I switch to my monitor no. 2 browsing forums etc while I'm flying around - but then my script tries to spam "1" in my active window.

Is it possible to make the script send the command to the window only - called "World of Warcraft" ?

Script I use now is just this simple here:

EnvAdd, LoopCounter, 1
Send, 1
Sleep, 500
Goto, Loop

Any ideas :P ?

Edit: Currently just using AutoIt 2

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Check out the controlsend function

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