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program builder

This may sound impossible, but I would like to create an offline blogger, where all you need is the program downloaded onto your computer as well as the address to be able to view the blog. when you create the blog you will look through a book and there will be numbers for each little saying or paragraph, these are pre recorded text, and you just type a number like 10.22.3456.32.5674.32546 and it brings up the blog, each number is part of what you say, and you can mix and match the sayings in any way you want, when building it, to create a blog, and when you type the message back, it will say all them things in a mesage box, and be like a blog, all the person viewing this will need, is the program and the address. I would like to create one of these for email too. so that people can send emails to each other out of pre written words. and all the words come out in the way they need to be when the right address is entered. I have a decoder here that someone on here built, and I would like someone to rebuild it and make it to where when I type like 1.2.3 it puts a message up with the text of 1 2 and 3 and in any order I type them numbers it puts them in the order it should. examble 1 says ("My name is John") 2 says("I hope you like it.") and 3 says ("welcome to my Web-Blog.") so when someone wants to view it and I give them the address 1.3.2 it says in a message box

My name is John. Welcome to my Web-Blog. I hope you like it.

i would like to create like 100,000 different sayings that relate to stuff that people would say in web-blogs. and name them 1 through 100,000 so you might type 4564.3245.321.4569 and get it to say whatever it says, but whatever is said has to make since, or it's just not a Blog is it? I would like people to be able to put this address in an input box, with as many caracters as they need. Was wondering if someone could change the code below to make it work.

$C1=StringSplit("ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789 .!?,","")


$Input=InputBox ("EasyCoder","Please enter text to be Encoded\Decoded")

If @Error=1 Then Exit


Dim $NewText

For $CurrentPos=1 to $Text[0]


$CharPos=ArraySearch ($C1,$Char)

If $CharPos="X" then ContinueLoop


$NewText=$NewText & $NewChar


ClipPut ($NewText)

MsgBox (0,"EasyCoder",$NewText)

Func ArraySearch ($Array,$What2Find)

For $X=1 to $Array[0]

If $Array[$X]==$What2Find then Return $X


Return "X"


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program builder

If anybody knows of any better ways to do this, feel free to post them as well.

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