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Console Output of my script displayed in my script

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Hello All,

I use ConsoleWrite and ConsoleWriteError in my scripts to show what is happening and to show that the script hasn't locked up which is great in scite. When my script runs as an exe, it shows a little window with an exit button on it so i can stop the script in a controlled manner. Is there any way i can add a console window (like what we have in scite) to display the output of ConsoleWrite and ConsoleWriteError.

I get the feeling that i am unable to redirect my own output back into my script, so if anyone has any other suggestions i am interested to know what you do.


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Sounds like a 'rigged' solution to me... But I do it all the time... :P

Simply try...

$Edit = GUICtrlCreateEdit("text","left","top","width","height","style-optional","exStyle-optional")

GUICtrlSetData($Edit,GUICtrlRead($Edit)+"VARIABLE OR INFO HERE")

That will create an edit that will fill in required info at the scripts will... Use GUICtrlRead() in conjunction with AND or "+" to 'append' data... There is an easier function to do so... but I seem to have lost it... :unsure:

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