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Please help a newbie. =)

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I'm very new to this and have very little experience in programming generally, but it seems I've come to the right place with lots of people who might be able to help me. =)

Let me describe my problem:

Once every four months I have to summarize some information from my phone operator. They have a homepage where I choose a phone number from a drop-down box, click a link and then read current account balance. Since I have about 1800 numbers to check, you can imagine this is a veeery costly operation for me. I have spoken to my phone operator many times about this and they "aren't able" to simply give me a list with this information stated.

All I want is to have a summary with this information.

I want to create a script which selects the first value from the a drop-down box on the operator's web page, submits the form, copies some of the information on the following page into a text file or excel document on my hard drive, click a link to get back and then continues by selecting the second value in the drop-down box, repeating the procedure.

If someone here please can help me with this, I will be forever greatful.

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That's at least a start. =)

From the little experience I have with programming, I remember there was a way to repeat the procedure by saying something like:

x = 1 (first value of box)

start function;

choose x

do something...

x = x+1

end function

start function again

Is this applicable here as well?

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