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_ieformImageClick ? ieformsubmit?

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Hello i fooling around with auto-it on a page with a <form>. All went smooth untill i was going to submit. The button was looking like this (html)

<input type="image" value="ok" border="0" name="s1" src="img/se/b/ok1.gif" width="50" height="20" onmousedown="btm1('s1','','img/se/b/ok2.gif',1)" onmouseover="btm1('s1','','img/se/b/ok3.gif',1)" onmouseup="btm0()" onmouseout="btm0()" tabindex="8"></input>

i really coulndt figure out how to "click" it with _IE. I searched but didnt find any posts. /pz

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