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How ti Use Internet functions?

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Hi guys,, I´m a newbe with AutoIt an d AutoIt is great.

I now use AutoIt to automate task, my problem is not on app on local computer is on web sites and on the documentation don´t explaind this funcitions.

How to find text on web site and click?

For example:

1. Go www.example1.com

2. Search "link1" (any position on web site)

3. Click on Link1?

Is posible this whith AutoIt?

At the moment my solution is using mouse move, Mouse click etc, and generate some problems

click ago in different scroll and click where it should not ...

How to use any form on web site with functions of autoIt.

Please helpme.

Or documentation of this.

Sorry for my english and thankyou for all people of this forum.

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you should look in the help file under _IE


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Ok, tnx, I see now.

And another question, How to use _IE functions under _IE file?.


Helpme I´m a Newbe

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