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Any way to get Attributes of what's under the mouse, or whats selected? File Name/Location/Etc?

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Got a quick question.

Is there any way to find out what's selected by the mouse?

Example 1.) Like if I click on a file, is there any way to get the location of whatever I just clicked on? (Kind of how if you hover over a file, windows tells you its details?) How does windows do it?

Example 2.) Or if I drag a file, is there any way to tell me what file was just dragged?

Example3.) Kind of un-related, but when I drag a link or text in Firefox/Chrome, it makes a text label, and wherever I drag it, it makes a link to it. That label that's created under the mouse isn't readable by reading the control, right?

Have I reached autoit limitations? Are any of these 3 things possible?

I've been on this problem for about a month now researching different ways, but there's no 'efficient' way of doing this, correct?

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