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Generating a random number in this format 000,001,002 Ect..?

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i know how to generate a random number but how can i Generate a random number in this format 000,001,002,003 Ect..??

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Look at StringFormat in the Help file. In your case you would need StringFormat("%03i", $Random_Number)


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i know how to generate a random number but how can i Generate a random number in this format 000,001,002,003 Ect..??

Hi, While I was away typing in my 2 cents worth and having a bite to eat Melba23 answered, and I too learned something new from his reply.

I was not aware of the built-in padding ability, I was doing it the 'old' way.

It just goes to show that you can teach an old dog new tricks. :P

The moral being: Read The Help File :unsure:

As I have already typed the example here it is anyway


Local $I

Local $PL

Local $PR

$I = Int(Random(0, 100))

$PL = StringRight("00000" & $I, 5)

$PR = StringLeft($I & "00000", 5)

MsgBox(0, "Random number", "The random number is - " & @TAB & $I & @CRLF & @CRLF & "The Left padded number is - " & @TAB & $PL & @CRLF & "The right padded number is - " & @TAB & $PR)

This method allows you to pad either Left or Right.

Good Luck.

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I think Melba23 was talking about doing that for each of the four parts. The problem with the original number format is that it can contain integer numbers too large to be represented as a single 32-bit integer, which is all Random() can return. So you have to assemble the number:

For $n = 1 To 10
    $sNum = StringFormat("%03i,%03i,%03i,%03i", Random(0, 999, 1), Random(0, 999, 1), _
            Random(0, 999, 1), Random(0, 999, 1))
    ConsoleWrite("$sNum = " & $sNum & @LF)


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