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Hey Guys...

I have been using AutoIt for 1 week now. It's a great tool but I couldn't manage Arrays.

I am trying to allocate to an array (which it's length will be randomly determined) a Random number and after that to read it or display it on a MsgBox.

Here is what I have done so far... :whistle:

$arrayLength=(1,20); will determine the array dimention
For $loop=1 to $arrayLength
   $myRandNumber=Random (0,9)
  ; here I should pusd 'myRandNumber' to the array
Msgbox (0,"",?); Here all my array elements should be displayed

Thanks for the help!

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Try the following:

Dim $array[$arrayLength]
For $loop=0 to $arrayLength-1
  $myRandNumber=Random (0,9)
  $array[$loop] = $myRandNumber
$string = ""
For $loop=0 to $arrayLength - 1
  $string = $string & $array[$loop] & " "
Msgbox (0,"",$string); Here all my array elements should be displayed


1. Not quite sure what you where trying to do with the $arrayLength=(1,20); statement. It isn't legal as is. I've replaced it with a single value

2. The loops go from 0 to $arrayLength - 1 because AutoIt arrays start at zero

3. AFAIK there is no statement to print out an array directly. I've added a loop to concatonate the array elements into a string for output

4. If you don't need $myRandNumber for any thing then you can simply assign directly to the array element (i.e. $array[$loop] = Random(0,9) )


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Thanx GrahamS, I got it.

I have another little question. :whistle:  The following returned an error. Why?

Dim $myArray [3]
For $loop=0 to 3
    $myRandNumber=Random (1,9)
    $myArray [$loop] = $myRandNumber

10x again...

Thats because from 0 to 3 is 4 steps.... B) Edited by JdeB

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