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"Send" slow on WinXP64 virtual machine

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Hi People,

I have developed a nice script (au3), mainly sending long file names and paths to dialogs in a program. I have written and tested it on a Windows XP 32bit machine, and am now using it on a 64bit virtual machine from VirtualBox on an Ubuntu Host. The virtual Machine is using hardware virtualization and has 2GB dedicated memory. It works fine, except that the filenames and paths being "Send($filename)", are very slow. I have already set the options for the sendKeyDelay to 1 ms., but still I could type faster then the script right now. I have tried both the 32bit and 64bit compiling options. Any ideas what is the "problem" here?

Thanks in advance! Please let me know if I should supply more info.


Sample code:

WinWaitActive("Open File","",$waitTimeOut)
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