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Replace anti-virus script

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Hi all,

I have encountered a problem of the sciprt that I designed. My purpose is to replace a anti-virus software, sophos, to a new one on a client. The client only have the "power users" rights to logon. Therefore I created a script by AutoIt to help me achive this mission.

The following code is:

;----- Remove Sophos -----
;Sophos Anti-Virus 7.6.5
RunAs("antivirus","abc","password",1,"MsiExec.exe /X{034759DA-E21A-4795-BFB3-C66D17FAD183} /qn /norestart")
;Sophos AutoUpdate 2.2.8
RunAs("antivirus","abc","password",1,"MsiExec.exe /X{15C418EB-7675-42BE-B2B3-281952DA014D} /qn /norestart")
;Sophos Remote Management System
RunAs("antivirus","abc","password",1,"MsiExec.exe /X{FF11005D-CBC8-45D5-A288-25C7BB304121} /qn /norestart")

When I test this code on the cilent, it won't uninstall all of the three softwares above. I monitored the task manager of WinXP, it will runs three "msiexec" at the same time. I always need to run this script twice to uninstall all of the sophos products. Is anyone can help me to resolve this problem, it is a lot appreciation for you.

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Try RunAsWait instead of RunAs


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