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Hi all,

I have a problem with my mouse dragging. I have a script that drags files automatically, and on my Laptop and work computer this works almost instantly. You can't even see the mouse move it's so fast.

On my home computer, the drag seems to be very slow. It takes nearly a full second - almost 2 for the drag to complete. My home computer is much more powerful than work and laptop, and I use a wireless optical mouse on the home - does this make a difference?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is very frustrating :P

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You could have a virus detector running a scan or some other process using a high amount of CPU. Hit Ctrl+Alt+Del and that will bring up the program manager and you can minimize it and it will show the CPU usage in the tray.


Clear out the start-up menu or programs that run at start-up to clear out memory usage.


Make sure there is not a "malware" type of program running


Run a good disk and registry cleaner.



BYW; I can recomenmd a kind of All-in-One cleaner if you would like

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