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I am having a problem automating the installation of Adobe Acrobat 7.0. My script works up to a point and then dies. If I use this line of script:

WinWaitActive("Adobe Reader 7.0 - Setup")

ControlClick("&Next >", " ","Button1")

the script stops and the I have to manually click next to go to the next step in the installation process.

If I use:

WinWaitActive("Adobe Reader 7.0 - Setup")





Then the script works and moves to the next step in the installation process. There are five different steps that take place within the same active window. It seems that only using the mouse move commands makes those work. However, if the end user has a different screen resolution then what I wrote the script on that breaks the mouse move commands.

Can someone point me to a better explanation of how to script multiple commands within the same active window?

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If you need an unattended install of Acrobat you really should look here (Appdeploy.com) under the packages section.

It's a pain to make an MST transform that has only the features you want, but Adobe Provides the Tuner product for free for just that purpose.

With a transform created then you can do a silent install with something like:

msiexec /i "Acrobat7.msi" TRANSFORMS="Acrobat7.mst" /qn

I promise that you would not be happy with a script that control-clicks its way through an Acrobat install, if only because the UI will remain visible...

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I took your advice and created a custom msi installer to install Adobe reader from a network share. When I type in the command string in a command prompt the installer works correctly and volia Acrobat Reader 7.0! When I place this string in the following script and attempt to use Autoit it falls appart.

RunWait(@comspec & " /c msiexec /i \\passport\adobe\acrobat7\adobe reader 7.0.msi TRANSFORMS=\\passport\adobe\acrobat7\adobe reader 7.0.mst REBOOT=ReallySuppress /qb!")

The error I get is UNC paths are not supported, Defaulting to Windows Directory and then the Windows Installer window pops up with the message incorrect command line parameters.

Is there a way thru AutoIt to support UNC paths?

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Yes, use a local directory as the working dir.

RunWait(@comspec & ' /c msiexec /i "\\passport\adobe\acrobat7\adobe reader 7.0.msi" TRANSFORMS="\\passport\adobe\acrobat7\adobe reader 7.0.mst" REBOOT=ReallySuppress /qb!', @SystemDir)


You had some errors in your command line.

I suggest you test first on the command line, before you try it in a script.

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