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Problem with Inetget

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Hello Partners

Im tryng to do some kind of database, but In need to get some files by Internet and Im trying to use

I need that the info are download to an Excel File but in different sheets, how i can do this

The database are compose by 8 diferent pages and i need to create a workbook with 8 internet adresses that will contain this info

and in a 9th sheet I want to create a table with some info

can you help me with this

how I can use the inetget but with different sheets of a xls workbook

with InetGet ("URL", "filename", reload , background)

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Download each page to temporary file (8 files from 8 addresses)

and then use Excel.au3 UDF for making XLS file from these temporary files.

Excel.au3 UDF is in AutoIt 3.3. If you use older AutoIt you may download it from the Examples forum.

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