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adsm decrypt

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hi, i got some software on my laptop (from asus) which lets you decrypt/encrypt files. I normally use this programm and wanted to use it also for my password manager. I wanted to check if the file is crypted and if yes it should decrypt it. Normally u right click on a crypted file and it will give u a password input field.. if correct it will encrypt it. exactly the same is what i wanted to do with autoit. Starting this command promt and when adsm (the crypting programm) finishied decrypting it would start/open the file.

So the "decrypting" menu is in my context menu and what i thought what i could do is following:

finding out what happens when i use "decrypt" at context menu (i guess will start smth like adsm.exe -path_to_file -decrypt) and doing exactly the same with autoit. But how can i find out what is in my context menu and what this "decrypt" button really does?

Thanks and its not rly autoit related so ißm not sure if i´m correct here.. still its needed for my script :P

@edit: if this isn´t possible i was also thinking about makeing my own programm for cryping and adding it to the context menu

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