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[SOLVED] Koda won't close...

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I've attached the error below...

Koda seems to work perfectly, other than closing it... Which give me the below problem. (Attached Snip)

I am using Windows 7 Build 7000, but please don't give up on this issue just because of Win7.

I know Developers of AutoIt and probably Koda alike, don't support this as of right now, so I'm not throwing fault at anyone... :P

The most useful help would come from anyone who might have experienced this same error, or has an idea of why this might happen in Vista, as Win7 does use the same (Modified) kernel.

I've created a 'rigged' work around... I packed this little script with Koda.exe

WinWait("Exception handled: MainExceptionHandler")

P.S. I am opening Koda as Admin, so it's not a permissions issue. I have tried multiple different compatibility settings as well.

I have also tried the stable current release, as well as the latest BETA... Nothing so far... :unsure:

I'm so sorry guys... Thats the second time I've done something like this month! I will not be so quick to jump in the future...

I truly apologize for wasting your time.

Actually it would be nice if someone in an Administrative/Mod poition could delete this... :D

P.S. Restart Fixed. Don't know why Unlocker/ProcessExplorer weren't showing open handles...

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