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Microsoft office core documentproperties � how to enumerate

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Can anyone help me use the DocumentProperties Interface (in office.dll) - DocumentProperties Interface (Microsoft.Office.Core)?

I need to read properties from various Office 2002 and later documents. Ive done this successfully via Excel and Word automation, but I havent been able to get it to work it via Office automation.

Microsoft offers a managed code example (my expurgated version):

Dim propertyName as string =Version, theVersion as string
    Dim properties As Office.DocumentProperties
    properties = CType(Me.CustomDocumentProperties, Office.DocumentProperties)

    Dim prop As Office.DocumentProperty

    For Each prop In properties
        If prop.Name = propertyName Then
    theVersion = prop.Value.ToString()
        End If

This approach provides access to document properties in all types of Office documents except for those in MSAccess documents.

Any assistance would be very much appreciated

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