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It has to do with pointers. If you know C++, you'd understand the difference between an empty string and a null string.

I do happen to know the difference between a null-terminated string and a null pointer, but I don't see where that has anything to do with Autoit. It's not a low-level language. Users aren't supposed to be required to deal with that level of complexity.

If we're not supposed to use the term "null text" or "null string" then the helpfile needs more work than I'm proposing (those terms are currently in the help file). As far as Autoit is concerned, I'll continue to consider that 'null' does exist, and, that "" is both a null string and an empty string at the same time (neither of which 'contain' quotes).

I don't understand why a suggestion to correctly document the action of two Autoit operators results in my repeated education about variable types, addressing modes, pointers and the like. I learned the difference between int, long, float and a string variable when I was 15 in 1975. And none of the lectures I've recieved are to the point.

Are these not facts???

1: The documentation states the only difference between = and == is case-sensitivity.

2: In actuality, the operators behave differently when comparisons involve null (or empty) strings, the null character, or (ASCII) zero.

I'll dispense with my argument, I'm beginning to feel like I'm kicking everyone's puppy. Let the documentation remain stating that the only difference between the = operator and the == operator is case-sensitivity. Maybe I'll pipe in again on one of the future threads where this same question is asked.


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I agree that there are always something in the docs that need clarification. The big problem is that we have enough problems getting people to read them now and the more complexity that's added the more they will tend to shy away from reading it. BTW; the difference between "=" and "==" has been discussed previously. A search of the forums would turn that up.

My big concern with the docs is in making sure that all of the information is in there someplace. If you want that changed then do as was previously suggested and open a Trac ticket with the category set to Documentation. It will be considered, I assure you, but it may or may not be accepted. I've had a few of mine accepted and a few refused.


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uh oh, what have I done lol ;p

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