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Create a file to system32 without admin permission

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Guest jgeorg

Hi all,

I'm new to autoit and I have the following problem.

AUTOEXEC.NT and CONFIG.NT are 2 files in the \SYSTEM32 directory of windows XP & 2000. The existance of these 2 files is critical for 16-bit applications.

WIth the service pack 2 of windows XP, and in some computers, these files deleted.

I try to write a script to check if the files exist. If not then creates them at the \system32 directory. Everything is ok when the script runs under administrator permissions, but when I try to run the script under a single user does'nt work.

I read some posts about RunAsSet etc., and I thing that I can usethis function only if I know the Administrator username and password.

Am I right? Is there any way to create a file to the system32 directory as a single user?

Thanks in advance.

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Just give the autoexec.nt & config.nt the read-only attributes and it works perfectly.


What about Windows without using AutoIt ?It would be the same as driving a car without an steering Wheel!
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Guest jgeorg

I deploy a 16-bit CD-ROM application and I want to AUTORUN with an autoit script checking all the things above.

I dont know if the final user is administrator or not.

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Guest ToonArmy

NT file permissions were designed to stop normal users doing things like this so the answer is no, unless the end user authenticates as an administrator.

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Well, this thread is old but maybe someone finds this usefull. No, the folder %WinDir%\System32 in an NTFS partition is set to be modified only by administrators (default) and only admins can change these permissions. If the partition is FAT16 or 32 then the folder can be changed by any user.

You can check this with

DriveGetFileSystem ( "path" )

Many installers check for the user rights before starting with the installation process. Some bad installers decompress, ask for settings and even try to install the software without checking this until something goes wrong making the user (or even SysAdmins using lower accounts by mistake) lose time.

The user rights can be checked with:


wich gives you "1" when the user is Administrator or is part of the Administrators group (or domain admins).

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AutoIt is a blessing, I don't know how I was able to use my computer before [Auto]It :-S

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