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Drag and drop help

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I am trying to get a simple script that works like this:

1)Mouse moves to x664 y600 on the screen.

2)Click and hold left mouse button.

3)Mouse moves to x907 y385 on the screen.

4)Release left mouse button.

Repeat this every 1 minute.

I have never created my own script becouse i always just edit them. ( verry simple edits )

And that is not something i do verry often.

So my knowledge about autoit is minimal but good enough to edit some small things in a script. :P

I have came to a point i do not know where to start, on the forums there are alot of drag and drop scripts but i just don't get them to work the way i want them to work.

So if there is anyone that could help me out getting a script that is capable of doing this that would be awsome!.

Thanks alot.


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You can read about these functions in the help file and post your issues after you've got some code if you like:

MouseClickDrag, Sleep(), TimerInit(), TimerDiff(), AdlibEnable(), etc.. You'll also learn something this way. ;]

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