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Getting a script to run across users

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how can I get a script to start in user a, do stuff, logoff, log on to user b and end?

I DONT want to switch user, it has to be logoff.

(How would I script the welcome screen...I'd probably end up using click x,y)

I've looked around the forum and found things that add autologon on restart and can do stuff as windows logs off / shuts down, but no where have I found that actually logs you off and onto another account. this was probably the nearest to actually answering my question...(http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.ph...1&hl=logoff)

I know i can run script on logoff, but it ends and does not function in the welcome screen.


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30mins and no reply, I'm going to presume thats impossible then...

What if i....

Get Prog a to write autologon data to registry + add prog 2 to startup on the second account. prog 2 then undoes the regkeys of prog 1 and removes itself from the startup folder.

that might work if i'm lucky,

Any ideas??


edit: or run my program as a service so it runs even when user is logged out... How could I script that?

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