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FileCreateShortcut Hotkey Options

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I want my application to launch when pressing the Alt + F2 keys are

pressed. Ctr + Alt +F2 is NOT OK for me because all my users are

aready used to using just Alt+F2 keystrokes.

When I created this test script the properties of my link show the

Hot keys as Ctrl + Alt + F2.

$FILE=@WindowsDir & "\Explorer.exe"

$LNK=@DesktopDir & "\Shortcut Test.lnk"



$DESC="This is an Explorer link;-)"

$ICON=@SystemDir & "\shell32.dll"






My previous au2 script,using a helper program worked, but I want

to rewrite my program for au3.


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Hmm... it appears changes were made to FileCreateShortcut after I wrote some of the documentation (the remarks section)....

I cannot even get Ctrl+NumPad0 hotkeys to be created correctly.... AutoIt's FileCreateShorcut insists on using Ctrl+Alt...

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