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Little help with OCR plz

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Hi ,

Trying to understand how OCR works with autoit from what ive put together from other scripts floating around

Got this so far

#include <GUIConstantsEx.au3>

#include <Array.au3>

#include <WindowsConstants.au3>

#include <ScreenCapture.au3>

#include <File.au3>

#include <WinAPI.au3>

#include <GDIPlus.au3>

#include <Misc.au3>

$dll = DllOpen("user32.dll")

$sTargetImage = "mycrap.jpg"

$miDoc = ObjCreate("MODI.Document")

$miDocView = ObjCreate("MiDocViewer.MiDocView")

$Viewer = GUICreate ( "Embedded MODI Viewer", 640, 580,(@DesktopWidth-640)/2, (@DesktopHeight-580)/2)

GUICtrlCreatePic ( $sTargetImage, 320, 290, 0, 0)

GUICtrlSetResizing ($Viewer, $GUI_DOCKAUTO)


GUISetState ()

$MiDocView.Document = $miDoc

$MiDocView.SetScale (1, 1)

_ScreenCapture_Capture($sTargetImage, 450, 350, 650, 500, $fCursor = False)

GUISetState (@SW_HIDE)



$i = 0

$str = ""

For $oWord in $miDoc.Images(0).Layout.Words

$str = $str & " " & $oWord.text

$sArray [$i] = $oWord.text

$i += 1


ConsoleWrite("FROM GETNAME: " & $str & @CrLf)




$sFile = FileOpen(@DesktopDir & "\randomfile.txt", 1)

_FileWrite($sFile, $str, 1)

Which is suppose to work except i get "Error : variable must be type "object" on line $MiDocView.Document = $miDoc"

Any help would really be apreciated.

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I have added you to my ignored user list.. You need to treat people with respect if you want help, your PMs were anything but respectful.. I tried to help you and you kept insisting that I keep doing all of your work for you... look in the helpfile and look elsewhere for help buddy.. Have a blessed day! PS... Any further action from you and I will report you to the MODS..

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