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Interacting with controls that have child controls within

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This is probably more of an advanced question regarding GUI controls that act like containers to sub controls such as the property control seen in applications like Visual Studio where the property control has child controls like an edit box or check box embedded within it when selecting a particular field.

Is there a way to gather the collection of child controls and walk through them and interact with them? More precisely can you read and set values via script such as check, uncheck or send text? I dont mind if it requires calling a lot of Win32 API I just need to know if this can be done and a direction where to look, even a simple script showing it works would be wonderful if anyone has anything.

I have done something similar using QTP and WinRunner in the past but I do not have access to these automation tools for this go around and wanted to see if it can be done using a tool like AutoIt. Any help would be welcome.

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