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Calling a .net COM-Enabled dll

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Is this possible with AutoIt or can it just call Win32 dlls? In my attempt to call the COM-Enabled dll I made a Win32 dll using VB6.0 but I am being stopped by some errors like I cannot even call MsgBox in the Win32 dll I made with VB6.0 since AutoIt will crash trying to call the function.

Another option I am looking into is to actually create the Win32 dll using AutoIt. Is that possible? How can I reference the .net COM-Enabled dll? The following code is one of the functions in that Win32 dll I made using VB6.0.

Public Function PokerGetPercentage(pocket As String, board As String, opponents As Long, accuracy As Long) As String
    Dim sPocket As String
    Dim sBoard  As String
    Dim result  As String
    Dim Poker   As PokerHand
    Set Poker = New PokerHand
    sPocket = StrConv(pocket, vbUnicode)
    sBoard = StrConv(board, vbUnicode)
    result = Poker.GetHandStrength(sPocket, sBoard, opponents, accuracy)
    PokerGetPercentage = StrConv(result, vbFromUnicode)
End Function

BTW, I only know VB6.0 and .Net so I won't be able to make one using C/C++.

Thank you so much!

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