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My IP Address,Location,ISP

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Hi everyone

HERE'S the script

#include <Inet.au3>
$sSource = _INetGetSource("")
$sCountry = StringRegExpReplace($sSource, '(?i)(?s).*?Country: <strong>(.*?)</strong>.*$', "\1")
$sIP__Add = StringRegExpReplace($sSource, '(?i)(?s).*?Your IP Address is <strong>(.*?)</strong>.*$', "\1")
$sISP = StringRegExpReplace($sSource, '(?i)(?s).*?ISP: <strong>(.*?)</strong>.*$', "\1")

MsgBox(0,"_INetGetSource","Country: "& $sCountry & @CR &"Your IP Address is: " & $sIP__Add & @CR &"ISP: " & $sISP)
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