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display array - why does ths happen?

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the array at the end seems to be displaying blank but I see the values in the array...

#include <Date.au3>
#include <Excel.au3>
#include <File.au3>
#include <Array.au3>
Opt("OnExitFunc", "OnAutoItExit")
If UBound(ProcessList(@ScriptName)) > 2 Then
    MsgBox(64, "* NOTE *", "Program already running", 5)

$DATE = StringReplace(_DateAdd('d', -1, _NowCalcDate()), "/", "")
$ExcelDoc1 = "C:\Data\AUT.xls"
$oExcel1 = _ExcelBookOpen($ExcelDoc1, 0, True)
_ExcelSheetActivate($oExcel1, "AUT")
$NowCell1 = _ExcelReadArray($oExcel1, 1, 1, 255, 1, 1)
;var2=start down 1, var3=start right 2, var4=end at 255 (MAX = 256 which is the Max # of cells excel can have if starting from cell 1)
;var5=default is 0 which is right (1=down), var6=sets index base of 0 or 1 of the array created
;starting index base at 1 makes $array[0] have the # of array objects
$N1 = 1
$Error1 = False

For $C1 = 0 To $NowCell1[0];Search all cells in the row
    If $NowCell1[$N1] = "0" Then;For some reason excell puts 6 0's at the end of the date
#Region --- CodeWizard generated code Start ---
;MsgBox features: Title=Yes, Text=Yes, Buttons=OK, Icon=Info
        MsgBox(64,"data found in cell",$NowCell1[$N1])
#EndRegion --- CodeWizard generated code End ---Box 
        $N1 = $N1 + 1
$aArray = _ExcelReadSheetToArray($oExcel1);Using Default Parameters
MsgBox(0, "_ArrayToString() getting $avArray items 1 to 7", _ArrayToString($aArray, @TAB, 1, 7))

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The first is because you called _ArrayToString() with two-dimensional array, read the help file.

The second is probably because you got confused between $avArray and $aArray and mixed-up those two between comments or strings and real code. ;]

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