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UDF to control Screengrab! (FireFox-AddOn) with FF.au3

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Here's an UDF for the FireFox-Addon Screengrab!


"Screengrab! saves webpages as images...

It will capture what you can see in the window, the entire page, ..."

Only some simple functions to copy or save a webpage. The file-type and the default name is the same like in Screengrab!


Current functions:





Requirement(s).: FF.au3 >= / MozRepl / Screengrab!

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Does anyone know the way screen grab is using to capture screen on Firefox ?


I think that's the complete wrong forum and thread for this question, but if you look at source from screengrab (EmbeddedCapture.js, Grab.js and Java.js) then you can see how it works.

A better place to ask something like this would be there:



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Is this UDF working with Screengrab v 0.96.2 and FF.au3 v0.6.0.1b-3?

Because I just installed this SCreengrab version and I can't get anything saved:

__FFRecv: _FFCmd_Err
__FFSend: try{Screengrab.defaultFileName() + '.' + Screengrab.format();}catch(e){'_FFCmd_Err';};
__FFRecv: _FFCmd_Err
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I'm having problems too, the current Screengrab is now v0.96.3 and i'm using FF.au3 v0.6.0.1b-3?

I am receiving the same error as that above.

Screengrab works fine when i use it manually, and i am having no problems with any other functions found in FF.au3

Any help on this matter, no matter how insignificant it may seem, would be VERY helpful!!


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It seems that the UDF can work only with an old version of screengrab (version 0.95 is exporting the functions the UDF is activating, but from version 0.96 the interface is completely different)

Is somebody able to write a small tutorial explaining how we could create an UDF for a Firefox plugin, and/or take as example the Screengrab addon, or the way to upgrade the existing UDF? With such tutorials, we could start being a bit more autonomous...

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I've been able to modify this UDF so it can work with the last versions of ScreenGrab (tested with current version, which is 0.96.3), though I'm not able to give a proper tutorial...

At least, here is this modified version

Sorry, I forgot to attch the file

Same interface as original one, except that it returns the filename in case of success (still returning 0 incase of failure), this is to help knowing which file is actually used when no filename is provided as input parameter


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