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Creating File Path by Concatanating Filename and Folderpath

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hi folks

need some help on a simple problem.

I have a folder path.

i have a file name saved as an entry in an ini file(inside the aforementioned folder)

I need to make a file path by concatenating the two.

the ini file is named "Main Ini File.ini" with details as;

[INI File]
file name=File 01.csv
File Details= XXX YYY

The code I have written is;

$INIfile = "..\..\input files\maintain data\Main Ini File.ini"
$EntryName = IniReadSection($INIfile, "INI File" )

$TargetDIR="..\..\input files\Target\"

$FilePath=($TargetDIR & $ EntryName[1][1])

predictably its failing.

any idea where I am going wrong?

regards and thanks


ps. and oh, I can't use a normal path like "C:\XX\". I have to start out from the script dir.

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OK disregard this question folks. After spending an hour on debugging i reached no conclusion, but the moment i opsted the thhread i found that it was a messed up file name. i feel frakking retarded. grrr.

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