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how to create new files on web building sites? and reading them?

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What I'm wanting to do is try to build a game. But I want to make the variables read online wise.

Well, I was wondering how I could build a code that could read and write from fileave.com?

Like when creating a new account, it will store the info on the site. and when the code is needed, it

will read from the file (like a token code) but how can I do this?

Please someone actually answer.

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Dose this mean it can't be done?

Do you want the variables to be server side to prevent hacking? or do you want the variables server side so that a user can save their game and load it up somewhere else?

The first scenario is beyond my Autoit experience and i would not know how to do. The second scenario doesn't seam to be a problem you would just have to download the file with the save info and delete it after the necessary info is extracted.

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What are we going to do tonight Brain?Same thing we do every night Pinky try to automate the world.

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