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Why can't I read this window?

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I am trying to read a print notification from the system tray. I used the autoit window info tool to find the data below. No matter what I put in for title or included text, or control, my app doesn't seem to recognize the tray tip that pops up. I'm basically just trying to read that the print worked, and the number of pages. Any suggestions on how to read this?

>>>> Window <<<<

Title: Document name: 'SmLetterdbkamrl.rtf'

Printer name: '\\vmfs-print2\GIM-LASER1'

Time sent: 14:58:18 03/24/2009

Total pages: 1

Class: tooltips_class32

Position: 1252, 925

Size: 283, 111

Style: 0x940000C3

ExStyle: 0x00080088

Handle: 0x0001009A

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TITLE:"Document name"

with this type of title you can get the more advance settings then

Check Window Titles and Text (Advanced) in the help file


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