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shutdown(XX) Questions

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From the help

The shutdown code is a combination of the following values:

0 = Logoff

1 = Shutdown

2 = Reboot

4 = Force

8 = Power down

16= Force if hung

32= Standby

64= Hibernate

Add the required values together. To shutdown and power down, for example, the code would be 9 (shutdown + power down = 1 + 8 = 9).

What is the difference to "shutdown" and "power down". I've never done one without the other. If I've shut it down, it then powered off. What is the difference between "force" and "force if hung". What I want is the computer to shut down right now closing any open applications and disregarding any pop up windows warning me to save my work. I've been trying shutdown(24) which I assumed would be Shutdown Force if hung, but that isn't working right.

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Try Shutdown(17), that's Shutdown and force if hung.

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