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Halt msg until action

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:"> Is there a way to halt msg messages until an action sets in like in most other languages to prevent overheat of the system memory...


$msg = GUIGetMsg(1) // wait for api messages





Kåre :lmao:

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i dont think so

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GUIGetMsg automaticall saves system CPU... read the helpfile

From HelpFile for GUIGetMsg:


This function automatically idles the CPU when required so that it can be safely used in tight loops without hogging all the CPU.

:lmao: if thats what your looking for

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Yes I know that I can slow down the msg 'runtime' but if I got several windows open at the same time and they all got lots of case to check a every run this would take up some CPU power even if I do not do anything, even a mouse move - why, is there not a 'waituntilnextmsg' or is this ment to do constant check at every 250 ms

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