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Desktop Drag and Drop Changer

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Desktop Changer

-is a program that allows you to quickly change your desktop wallpaper to any image.

First off, it's main purpose is to collect an image from the internet, that you drag from, and allows you to set that image to the desktop.

For best results, drag an image that is the same dimensions as your screen resolution.

Some cool features

This program makes a GUI that has a ratio WxH to your desktop width and height. And you may change if the GUI is small or big compared to the your screen size. Just right click on the GUI and select "Options."

You may also change the background color if you wish.

You may drag and drop most image files (all common). From hard drive as well.

Right clicking on the image in the GUI will give you the option of opening a file, or editing the current picture.

The "Current" button will show the current background.

On the bottom right of the GUI, there is a link that will bring you to interfacelift.com with your screen dimensions in the url, so that it will make it easier on you. However, there are a number of screen resolutions that are not on the site, so it will not work out right, sorry. But you can use other sites that have your screen dimensions.

Posted Image

Version 1 DLS: +/- 42

Version 2 -now with above features


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