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Can AnyBody convert the code 2 au3

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here's the codes:

can anybody convert it to au3

Private Type GUID 
Data1 As Long 
Data2 As Integer 
Data3 As Integer 
Data4(7) As Byte 
End Type 

Private Type RASIPADDR 
a As Byte 
b As Byte 
c As Byte 
d As Byte 
End Type 

Private Type RASENTRY 
dwSize As Long 
dwfOptions As Long 
dwCountryID As Long 
dwCountryCode As Long 
szAreaCode(10) As Byte 
szLocalPhoneNumber(128) As Byte 
dwAlternateOffset As Long 
ipaddr As RASIPADDR 
ipaddrDns As RASIPADDR 
ipaddrDnsAlt As RASIPADDR 
ipaddrWins As RASIPADDR 
ipaddrWinsAlt As RASIPADDR 
dwFrameSize As Long 
dwfNetProtocols As Long 
dwFramingProtocol As Long 
szScript(259) As Byte 
szAutodialDll(259) As Byte 
szAutodialFunc(259) As Byte 
szDeviceType(16) As Byte 
szDeviceName(128) As Byte 
szX25PadType(32) As Byte 
szX25Address(200) As Byte 
szX25Facilities(200) As Byte 
szX25UserData(200) As Byte 
dwChannels As Long 
dwReserved1 As Long 
dwReserved2 As Long 
dwSubEntries As Long 
dwDialMode As Long 
dwDialExtraPercent As Long 
dwDialExtraSampleSeconds As Long 
dwHangUpExtraPercent As Long 
dwHangUpExtraSampleSeconds As Long 
dwIdleDisconnectSeconds As Long 
dwType As Long 
dwEncryptionType As Long 
dwCustomAuthKey As Long 
guidId As GUID 
szCustomDialDll(259) As Byte 
dwVpnStrategy As Long 
dwfOptions2 As Long 
dwfOptions3 As Long 
szDnsSuffix(255) As Byte 
dwTcpWindowSize As Long 
szPrerequisitePbk(259) As Byte 
szPrerequisiteEntry(256) As Byte 
dwRedialCount As Long 
dwRedialPause As Long 
End Type 

dwSize As Long 
dwMask As Long 
szUserName(256) As Byte 
szPassword(256) As Byte 
szDomain(15) As Byte 
End Type 

Private Declare Sub CopyMemory Lib "kernel32" Alias "RtlMoveMemory" (Destination As Any, Source As Any, ByVal Length As Long) 

Private Declare Function RasSetEntryProperties Lib "rasapi32" Alias "RasSetEntryPropertiesA" (ByVal lpszPhonebook As String, 

ByVal lpszEntry As String, lpRasEntry As RASENTRY, ByVal dwEntryInfoSize As Long, ByVal lpbDeviceInfo As Long, ByVal 

dwDeviceInfoSize As Long) As Long 

Private Declare Function RasSetCredentials Lib "rasapi32" Alias "RasSetCredentialsA" (ByVal lpszPhonebook As String, ByVal 

lpszEntry As String, lpCredentials As RASCREDENTIALS, ByVal fClearCredentials As Long) As Long 

Private Sub Command1_Click() 
Dim sEntryName As String, sUsername As String, sPassword As String 

Dim sServer As String 
sServer = "[url="http://www.vpnserver.com"]www.vpnserver.com[/url]" 
sEntryName = "ThisIsAVpn" 
sUsername = "username" 
sPassword = "password" 
If Create_VPN_Connection(sEntryName, sServer, sUsername, sPassword) Then 
MsgBox "Sucessed" 
MsgBox "Failed" 
End If 
End Sub 

Function Create_VPN_Connection(ByVal sEntryName As String, ByVal sServer As String, ByVal sUsername As String, ByVal 

sPassword As String) As Boolean 
Create_VPN_Connection = False 
Dim sDeviceName As String, sDeviceType As String 
sDeviceName = "WAN MINIPORT (L2TP)" 
sDeviceType = "vpn" 
With re 
.dwSize = LenB(re) 
.dwCountryCode = 86 
.dwCountryID = 86 
.dwDialExtraPercent = 75 
.dwDialExtraSampleSeconds = 120 
.dwDialMode = 1 
.dwfNetProtocols = 4 
.dwfOptions = 1024262928 
.dwfOptions2 = 367 
.dwFramingProtocol = 1 
.dwHangUpExtraPercent = 10 
.dwHangUpExtraSampleSeconds = 120 
.dwRedialCount = 3 
.dwRedialPause = 60 
.dwType = RASET_Vpn 
CopyMemory .szDeviceName(0), ByVal sDeviceName, Len(sDeviceName) 
CopyMemory .szDeviceType(0), ByVal sDeviceType, Len(sDeviceType) 
CopyMemory .szLocalPhoneNumber(0), ByVal sServer, Len(sServer) 
.dwVpnStrategy = VS_Default 
.dwEncryptionType = ET_Optional 
End With 

With rc 
.dwSize = LenB(rc) 
.dwMask = 11 
CopyMemory .szUserName(0), ByVal sUsername, Len(sUsername) 
CopyMemory .szPassword(0), ByVal sPassword, Len(sPassword) 
End With 

Dim rtn As Long 
If RasSetEntryProperties(vbNullString, sEntryName, re, LenB(re), 0, 0) = 0 Then 
If RasSetCredentials(vbNullString, sEntryName, rc, 0) = 0 Then 
Create_VPN_Connection = True 
End If 
End If 
End Function
Edited by Josette

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now it looks like more readable

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