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Send keys (While minimized, with WinAPI ?)

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Ok ill straight up admit it this is for a game bot but not a do everything bot, all this bot will do is send a key every few seconds for a pre defined ammount of times - the use for this is Ressurecting in Silkroad Online specifically when a low lvl character needs to be SP farmed and delevelled. (so for eg. a lvl 25 character will stay at lvl 50 monsters and die, lose 2% then the script will send the key to ressurect it and continues so untill the character is say lvl 19)

I have a good script working fine however to compete with the advanced packet based program that also do this but is quite advanced and complicated/confusing i will need to enable the script to do the same thing but allow the client to be minimized. I will mention ur username in the "About" button on my script if you help me.

I would use ControlSend but this game has GameGaurd (well actually no it doesnt, they removed it years ago but still have the logo and ControlSend still doesnt work properly) so i cant. I read about a WinAPI function which could be used on this game for a similiar script so im sure i could use it, i just need to find out what this WinAPI function im looking for is, any clues?

Kind of like _WinAPI_Mouse_Event but for keyboard

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