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Problem with printer mapping

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Hello, I'm trying to run this script for printer mapping but the only way I succedded to do it is with sleep function.

The problem is that when I close the printer window (the function) the script is still being executed and does not terminate.

Need help replacing the sleep with another function maybe.

Thanks in advance!

$objSysInfo = ObjCreate("ADSystemInfo")
$SiteName = $objSysInfo.SiteName
$SiteName = StringReplace($SiteName,"-","/")
If StringRight($SiteName, 1) <> "/" Then $SiteName = $SiteName & "/"

 $oWSHell = ObjCreate("Shell.application")
$oWSHell.FindPrinter ("",$SiteName,"")
Sleep (100000000)
 $oWSHell = ""

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