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Accessing Windows 7's "Libraries" with AutoIt

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Hello guys,

those of you that use the Windows 7 beta (or maybe some that don't) might have heard or might be using Windows 7's cool file libraries, which can hold several folders and files from anywhere on one's hard drive, without actually copying files.

The libraries are directly accessable from the panel left-hand in Windows Explorer, at Desktop in Explorer or here: C:\Users\<YOUR-USER-NAME>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Libraries

If I had enough DSL bandwidth, I'd download the Windows 7 SDK and see if I can find something (maybe they have written about the libraries there, but maybe not).

I know the libraries themselves are files - I remember the file extension began with ".ms-" , but unfortunately, the latest Windows Updates seem to have hidden the extension of the libraries.

Now, to my question itself, and I am pretty sure it might interest some of you, too, as these Libraries will be a big part of file navigation in future:

Is there any way how we can find out, which files and folders these Libraries contain or are there more possibilites of using them (with AutoIt or other languages like VB or C#) ....... or are they Microsofts' secret?

Take care,


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