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GDI+ Effect Class?

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I've learned a lot from using this forum. Thanks to all!

I'm interested in applying a professional looking drop shadow on text and graphic objects using GDI+. I've found something called the Blur Class on MSDN which seems to apply a Gaussian blur to a bitmap.

The technique in PhotoShop is to create a solid colored copy,usually black, of the original which is then Gaussian blurred, made transparent, offset from the original, sometimes scaled up to enhance the 3d effect and displayed directly behind the original.

I know absolutely nothing about using calling dlls and so I was wondering if any of the GDIPlus experts here might be able to create a function to use this Blur Class. It appears to be called by the Effect Class which can also call many other interesting effects like Sharpen, Tint, RedEyeCorrection, ColorMatrixEffect, ColorLUT, BrightnessContrast, HueSaturationLightness, ColorBalance, Levels and ColorCurve.

Here's the link to the Effect Class on MSDN's website


Thanks in advance to anyone who might take the time to help and please forgive me if I've missed the fact that this has already been done.

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