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Yet another screen capture tool!

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Looking through the forums now, I can find about 5 / 6 screen capture tools, but here's mine anyway, hopefully able to compete in there somewhere...

MrCreator, Magleod, firefox did an AVI thing... the list goes on and on.

Mine is probably in need of drastic revamping, proof that planning IS required before writing a script, I have a very nasty habit of simply sitting down and starting to write, developed through years of last-night coursework! so anyway, I finish one func, moved onto the next - and don't think of adding flags till later!

couple of problems I get

1) my computer

2) my computer

3) trying to winshot non-activatable windows, please don't it's not clever.

4) my computer

I tried to make it as complete as possible by building a lot of context menu's and using a lot of tooltips....

Clever things (for me atleast.)

1) getting it to work

Thanks to

Anyone who answered my questions on the forum, off the top of my head I think authenticcity is in there, Manadar, sublime helped out, not sure if it was for this or something else, Smoke N did something to make the script work...I'm sure theres more, but I can't think right now, i blame it on the stupid clocks, made to do just one thing, and yet still end up an hour out! add TerarinK to that list, but I never did get those context menu's to work in - http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.ph...c=92002&hl= authenticity got close, but then the button does not have it's own seperate context... Any answers to that problem would be greatly appreciated, right now I'm just using 2 seperate contexts.

udpdated some context menu stuff: previous downloads = 27

here it is: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


PS there are going to be a lot of problems, and it may not be too pleasing to the eye, I tried to note as much as possible to make it readable.

Added: graphics only 2nd GUI: , Will try to add functions in tomorrow (maybe the day after, next week to be realistic...)


Downloads moved to: http://code.google.com/p/m-a-t/

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