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How do I 'hide' sent keys from a process?

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I've had this problem for quite awhile in coding a tradebot, but I finally figured out what was going on.

The game I'm programming for has some shoddy code. It seems to do something like this:

If a key is sent to ANYWHERE and a game window is active, the active game window responds to the sent key (when it should not).

So for example if two game windows are open and I ControlSend to one in the background, the proper control in the background window responds. Unfortunately, the active game window ALSO responds! Needless to say this is highly undesireable. This one problem prevents someone from running my tradebot while also playing another account.

So the only solution I can see is finding some way to 'blind' the active window to the actions of my ControlSend. Is there a way for AutoIT to do this?

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