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Well, after a long time without using autoit, i want to make a packet sniffer.

I've searched a lot and a lot and found anything

The only thing that i want is to be able to read incoming data (data that comes from internet, not from the computer)

My propose: I want my script to be able to read a flash game incoming data.

I have a application (smart sniff) that sniffs all the traffic, and the script that i made this days, runs this program and then copies the relevant data, but is too slow.

The information that sends the game is soo easy to understand. are things like 1|0|c|rotation_x|rotation_y|x_coordinate|y_coordinate so its so easy to proces (stringsplit($, '|'))



PD: i'm not asking that you do this script for me, i just want a orientation like "look for TCPRecv(...)"

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