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First Program - Vista Utility 1.0

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Here is my first program written in Auto it 3.3

What does it do?

Dont you hate going through tonnes of menus just to find a single program?

Well this will make life easier for all you multi-taskers out there,

So when your working on that important document and cant find your calculator, this will help you!

Posted Image

Let me know what you think of it!

Remember it is a first version so i can always improve on it if necssary.

Post your thoughts of the program


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Let me know what you think of it!

All I can think of is one single word: "Toolbars".

On one hand I think your tool is quite cool for a "Hello World!" - on the other I don't like reinventing the wheel (just see this: http://gallery.live.com/liveItemDetail.asp...p;bt=1&pl=1 ), and even hate it if the reinvented functionality is already part of the OS (1. make folder, 2. drag some links to websites, applications or folders to it, 3. zap it to an edge of your screen and *buff* you've got a toolbar which you e.g. could position freely on your screen).

Beyond that aspect it's nice - keep up the faith!

p.s.: BTW, you are not entitled to use the Logo bitmap. You could see M$ really annoyed if any of their copyright fraud department "buddies" finds this.

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