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ControlClick not working properly

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Hi All,

I am novice user of AutoIT. Please excuse my ignorance on the tool and subject.

We created a .NET Sample application with three windows in the flow for evaluation of AutoIt.

The last window needed some details to be filled, followed by clicking of OK button as per the test case.

The test cases were not showing consistent output over the number of runs failing on ControlClick command. So we did following steps to achieve the desired output.

a) We modified the .NET application and made the window small and in single frame so as to keep the focus correctly ( Not applies to real scenarios) for ControlClick command .The inconsistency problem got minimized.

In AutoIT script, following commands were tried :

ControlFocus : To make sure that input focus is set correctly on the given control.

WinActivate : Activates focus to a given window.

This could not resolve the inconsisitency caused by ControlClick command.

Please let me know :

1) Whether any known bug is present for ControlClick command in AutoIT?

2) What are the other ways of achieving the functionality of AutoIT?



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I have noticed an instance where the handle to the control that I was clicking was the cause. After a few weeks the handle would change and I would have to modify the script to get it to work again. AutoIt worked flawless but the handle to those controls seemed to be the issue. Not sure if this is what is happening for you.

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