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Hi everyone!!!

I'm looking for help... a little wisdom :D

I'm having a little problem finding out how to copy some text...

I created an Embedded IExplorer window in a GUI

and what i want to do is to Copy all the visible text to a STRING...

I used _IEAction($oIE, "selectall") (I stopped here after realizing the following), but then my problem arises...

My idea is to run the GUI Hidden... so using the Send("^C") is not an option... I think, also, I don't know if the "selectall" will work with the hidden GUI

Is there a way to copy all the visible text (in a hidden window...) to a String??? much like _IEReadText, but this copies also some text that is hidden (Text that normally shows if certain condition in javascript is met)

Thanks in Advance!

PS: Sorry for my english :o

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#include <IE.au3>
$oIE  = _IE_Example ("basic")
$sText = _IEBodyReadText  ($oIE)
MsgBox(0, "Body Text", $sText)


Hi Valuater!

:D sadly.... no... :o (Where I wrote "_IEReadText" in the original post I meant "_IEBodyReadText")

the problem with that function, is that it returns EVERYTHING... and if I Load a Page with Javascript (in the body) that function returns every Case (switch?) in the javascript... not only the case that is displayed in the page....

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