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Database Field Tally

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I am trying to find a could way to tally up some field counts by a model number. What I have is a database that has a model # and then a bunch of different fields that have different reasons for reject codes. I need to tally up by model # and field the number of times it was rejected for a reason which is the value in that field. I can do like below but I would like a way that it would automatically go through and collect model #'s field names and reject codes under those field names.

$sqlCon = ObjCreate("ADODB.Connection")
$sqlCon.Open("DRIVER={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};DBQ=c:\PDI Cheklist Database.mdb",3,3)</P> <P> $fieldQueryName = "G1 Load Arm Support Device"
 $fieldQueryValue = "31 Won''t Function"
 $fieldQueryName2 = "Model #"
 $fieldQueryValue2 = "3640"
 $adoRs = $sqlCon.Execute("Select Table1.[Model #],Count(*) AS G1Count From Table1 Where Table1.[" & $fieldQueryName & "]='" & $fieldQueryValue & "' and Table1.[" & $fieldQueryName2 & "]='" & $fieldQueryValue2 & "' GROUP By Table1.[Model #]")
 $J = $adoRs.Fields.Count -1
 For $I = 0 to $J
  $TXT = $adoRs.Fields($I).Name
  $TXT = $TXT & " " & $adoRs.Fields($I).Value

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