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Need some help with Graphic

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I'm using two graphics, $bg1 and $bg2, to draw some things.

I now have the following problems/questions:

1. How can I draw a rectangle/circle that's filled in?

I don't see how to do that...

2. I use the following code:

GUICtrlSetGraphic($bg1, $GUI_GR_COLOR, $color)
    GUICtrlSetGraphic($bg1, $GUI_GR_ELLIPSE, $pixX + 10, $pixY + 10, 20,20)
    GUICtrlSetGraphic($bg1, $GUI_GR_MOVE, $pixX + 20, $pixY + 5)
    GUICtrlSetGraphic($bg1, $GUI_GR_LINE, $pixX + 20, $pixY + 15)oÝ÷ Ûbr¬q©eyÛhëaz¼"¶®¶­s`uT7G&Å6WDw&2b33c¶&s"Âb33c´uTôu%ôÄäRÂà uT7G&Å6WDw&2b33c¶&s"Âb33c´uTôu%ôÄäRÂà uT7G&Å6WDw&2b33c¶&s"Âb33c´uTôu%ôÄäRÂÃoÝ÷ Øz0z÷«Â§z÷«!Æ¥Øb²Ø^)Þv¶°x"Mún
¬µªí³^­ëazX§z)ôߦàÕéÝyÔájج¶¥w¬j·­¬'Â+a}7é¸6jwn²)àÓ~g(¢·b«^±»­¶¯j[²íë-j»b(¢·b«^±ªÞ¶¨ë®´ß¦àÖ'¢Ó~©þÛM7ê±cíyþ"+y©eÉÚ'ßÛlyèhÂØZ¶©¥éìjËaz·¢²z4ß¡ dL9Q¢½7é¸6Ý«­¢+ÙÕ¹}AÕÑ   ½Ð ÀÌØíà°ÀÌØíä°ÀÌØí¥È°ÀÌØíÉÁ ¤(%}ÉÝ   ½Ð ÀÌØí½ÑA½ÍlÁt°ÀÌØí½ÑA½ÍlÅt°ÀÌØí¥È°Áá°ÀÌØíÉÁ ¤(%}ÉÝ   ½Ð ÀÌØíà°ÀÌØíä°ÀÌØí¥È°ÁàÀÀÀÁ°ÀÌØíÉÁ ¤($ÀÌØí½ÑA½ÍlÁtôÀÌØíà($ÀÌØí½ÑA½ÍlÅtôÀÌØíä(%U%
ÑɱMÑÉÁ¡¥ ÀÌØíÉÁ °ÀÌØíU%}I}IIM ¤)¹Õ¹(()Õ¹}ÉÝ ½Ð ÀÌØíà°ÀÌØíä°ÀÌØí¥È°ÀÌØí½±½È°ÀÌØíÉÁ ¤($ÀÌØíÁ¥á`ôÀÌØíà¨ÐÀ($ÀÌØíÁ¥ádôÀÌØíä¨ÐÀ(%U%
ÑɱMÑÉÁ¡¥ ÀÌØíÉÁ °ÀÌØíU%}I}5=Y°ÀÌØíÁ¥á`¬ÈÀ°ÀÌØíÁ¥ád¬Ô¤(%U%
ÑɱMÑÉÁ¡¥ ÀÌØíÉÁ °ÀÌØíU%}I}1%9°ÀÌØíÁ¥á`¬ÈÀ°ÀÌØíÁ¥ád¬ÄÔ¤)¹Õ¹

When I call _PutBot with $bg1 as the $graph variable, it works fine, drawing over the old picture in $bg1 and drawing a new one.

When I call it with $bg2, it works too (as expected in $bg2).

However, when I call them one after the other, it works fine in $bg1, but fails to draw over the $bg2 one in white - it just draws an extra blue one in $bg2.

What am I doing wrong here?

4. Whenever I use $GUI_GR_REFRESH, everything I've ever drawn in the Graphic appears, then disappears as it is re-drawn over. This is slightly annoying, is there a way to prevent it? I don't want to redraw everything I've ever drawn, I just want the last thing I've drawn to appear...

Thanks for any help,


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I'm not an expert with graphics, but you'll find most of your graphics questions answered in the GDIPlus UDF in the help file.

I might try _GDIPlus_GraphicsDrawRect() to draw the rectangle and _GDIPlus_GraphicsClear() to fill it in with a specific color

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