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Troubles with objget

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Hi, I have an odd problem with ObjGet

The following VBscript will do the job, but the convertet Autoit do not and I am wondering why.

dim wincubeobj

on error resume next

set wincubeobj = getobject("", "wincube.application")

on error goto 0

if wincubeobj is nothing Then

MsgBox "Please start wincube"


MsgBox "Object hooked on GUID: " & winCubeObj.System.Guid

while 1


end If

if the wincube runs this script gets the object and I can handle with it.

Now the Autoit version which do not work:

$wincubeobj = ObjGet("", "wincube.application")

if @error Then

MsgBox (0,"","Please start wincube")


MsgBox (0,"","Object hooked on GUID: " & $winCubeObj.System.Guid)


Also if the wincube runs AutoIt does not get the object and returns @error = 1

Any Ideas?

Many thanks in advance for your help and ideas.

Heinrich Haltmeyer

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