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Mileage Matrix

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I do tech support in a multi district/school system and am required to track mileage so I wrote a quick interface for a spreadsheet created "csv" file containing the building names and mileages. It is just a graphical represention of those triangled shaped distance lookup charts seen in the corner of most state maps.

It uses a default .csv file named "mileage.csv" with an commandline option for any other cvs file.

ALT + a is a hotkey to display the .cvs file (matrix...actually an array) at anytime.

I use a spreadsheet to store my mileage form so it has a copy to clipboard feature.

I included a small example "mileage.txt" (rename to "mileage.csv") file for testing, inspection, and as an examlpe of the layout of the file. It's important to note that the "A1" cell MUST be blank and that the first column("A") and first row("1") MUST have the name of the buildings.

With over 40 buildings to service, once I got the data in the csv file, it has saved me some time. However this is once case where the old saying is very true.........YOUR MILEAGE MY VARY!!


Rename to Mileage.cvs (Forum gods wouldn't let upload a cvs file)


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